15th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction

Gabor Szirtes | 9 December 2013 | Sydney

Dr Gabor Szirtes, Head of Research and Development at Realeyes, was invited to present his work at ICMI 2013. ICMI is the premier international forum for multidisciplinary research on multimodal human-human and human-computer interaction, interfaces, and system development. The conference focuses on theoretical and empirical foundations, component technologies, and combined multimodal processing techniques that define the field of multimodal interaction analysis, interface design, and system development.

It seems there is a new movement in academic research on emotion recognition. The main focus is shifting towards the challenges presented by realistic scenarios in which conventional textbook definitions and methods fail, as many of the underlying conditions are not met. An outstanding example of this movement is the EmotiW 2013 Workshop (Emotion Recognition in the Wild Challenge and Workshop) organized within the ACM ICMI 2013 Conference (International Conference on Multimodal Interaction) in Sydney. Realeyes as a leading industrial expert on facial expression analysis has been invited to give a talk on the challenges that still restrict the large-scale industrial use of information conveyed by non-verbal communication channels. Gabor will be demonstrating some of our successful solutions through a case study, and highlight areas where better communication between academic and industrial research could bring about significant improvements, with the hope that it will inspire initiatives for future collaborations.