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Feelin’ good – how the top Super Bowl LI ads got the US smiling

With over 112 million Americans watching the Super Bowl, costing at least $5 million USD to place a 30 second spot, it’s little wonder brands are recounting the big plays.

We partnered with the human answers platform, Lucid, to bring you the definitive ranking of the most emotionally engaging videos of Super Bowl 2017. Using Lucid’s Fulcrum marketplace, we tested 84 commercials on over 3000 people in the US.

Realeyes enables brands and agencies to identify how target audiences spontaneously and subconsciously respond to video content, with emotional data, presented not only on a second by second basis, but by an overall EmotionAll® score.

Super Bowl 2017: The Full Rankings


We partnered with data providers Lucid to bring you the definitive ranking of the most emotionally engaging videos of Super Bowl 2017. Using Fulcrum marketplace, we tested over 80 commercials on over 3000 people in the US.

Humor and light-hearted entertainment were winning appraoches among this years crop of commercials – a trend we’ve seen across the past few Super Bowls. At the very top it was a dead heat between Mr Clean and Skittles. The emotion data showed that direct humour was the most effective method for engaging a general population audience.

It’s Beautiful… yeah, but did it work?

Realeyes emotion data for Coca-Cola and Skittles

Super Bowl without a Coke ad is like Wimbledon without rain. As one of the most loved brands in the world, fans now expect it to be entertained by its advertising and, by and large, Coke’s taken it’s Entertainer-In-Chief duty seriously over the years. Roughly a quarter of Americans watch the Super Bowl for the adverts alone. So when Super Bowl comes around, all eyes are on Coke to shine on the world’s biggest, and most expensive, advertising stage.

Ads whose brand DNA triggers emotion, always wins.

Super Bowl Brand DNA

We have all been seeing and hearing so many points of view on Super Bowl advertising. And rightly so. With a 111.5 million captive audience, the Super Bowl is probably the pinnacle of video advertising. This year’s event did not disappoint. Some brands delivered superb entertainment, others provoking politically charged debate.

Enhancing Emotion Data Collection with Selenium Pt.1


At Realeyes, we build emotion recognition software, using facial coding via webcams directly through the browser. Our technology enables brands and content creators to see how their audience feels in response to their video, so from a technological perspective we believe that that’s quite special – it’s not something that many software companies do everyday. Webcams are everwhere, but the devices they’re on pose many dimensions which makes testing these applications an interesting challenge.

How emotions are linked to sales: your questions answered. Interview with Realeyes’ CEO Mihkel Jaatma

Realeyes CEO Mihkel Jaatma

Having presented research about the link between emotional perception of video ads and sales results, Realeyes has been approached with questions and queries. We have collected those enquiries and sat with Realeyes’ CEO Mihkel Jäätma to go through all of them.

We tested the Best Social Videos by Digiday, with surprising results!

Digiday Video Awards. Video testing via emotion measurement.

Digiday announced the winners of the Digiday Video Awards. One category in particular, Best Social Video, drew a wide range of creative work, highlighting everything from zeitgeist humor to uplifting candor. These submissions evoked emotions across the spectrum, making the winning decision a tough call for the judges. 

How do you know if a customer loves you so?



If you want to know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss”, once advised Cher. While perhaps just one criterion is enough to identify the strength of emotions in one’s partner, it gets a bit more complicated if you seek to determine the strength of emotions in customers towards your brand. And why does it matter? Well, because emotions drive behavior – in both lovers and consumers. We wouldn’t elaborate on the former just yet,  but we’re strongly confident to discuss the latter. Having analyzed thousands of video ads and millions of faces,  we know that positive emotions in response to a brand communication are linked to increased social activity, brand advocacy, and even Sales