Building an Emotional Connection with P&G Consumers

Alex Slater | 15 April 2015 | Mexico

Emotions Drive Consumers
With a giant product portfolio of famous brands ranging from cleaning agents, pet food to personal care, Procter & Gamble is one of the most prolific advertisers in the world. 

Part of what makes P&G such a successful company is understanding the importance of building an emotional connection with their customers to drive their purchase decisions. Communicating product benefits with the right emotional impact outperforms more rational approaches to advertising in terms of virality, brand building and consequently sales. Carlos is a leading expert in consumer research, modelling and franchise innovation - always scouting for innovative tools and methodologies to leverage deeper consumer research for P&G worldwide. P&G has adopted Realeyes emotion analytics to drive their product research into a new era.

Alex Slater, Director of Realeyes and Carlos González, Consumer Research at P&G, present how emotion analytics provide actionable insights for testing P&G's product advertising, before, during and after campaign launches. 

Creative Testing
Assess the strongest ads
Fine-tune to maximise consumer engagement
Ensure brand consistency / campaign quality 

Media Planning

Select videos with the highest performance
Predicting its social media performance

Campaign Analysis
Leverage insights to inform future campaigns
Benchmarking against similar products and markets

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15 & 16 April 2015 

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