Could You Swear That It’s a Great Ad?

It seems that February 2018 in the UK had a good run of successful bullish branding with Irn-Bru’s “Don’t be a can’t” and KFC’s, “FCK”. The latest ad, ‘Parents’ from Scottish drinks giant A.G. Barr has already attracted 9 complaints to the Advertising Standard Authority since airing. Despite the controversy, with an exceptionally high overall EmotionAll® score of 9 out of 10, UK viewers really enjoyed this ad.  

Realeyes Attention Measurement for Video Advertising Achieves Performance Milestones, Brand Adoption & U.S. Patent

More Brands Using AI-Powered Facial Coding Technology Over Surveys To Gain A True Understanding Of Human Response and Video Creative Performance

Realeyes, a pioneer and leader in video attention measurement, announced today that its flagship PreView SaaS product has exceeded industry expectations by initiating a blue-chip roster of brand clients including Mars Inc, Church & Dwight and Hershey’s among others. The company also has completed a breakthrough creative and media analytics assignment for influential political data firm Hawkfish, and has established a strategic partnership in Japan with NEC, a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies.

Super Bowl LV Live Ad Tracker for Attention Using Emotion AI

From the very first teaser through to the last ad of the game, each spot released in the field is rated by its performance to Capture, Retain and Encode audience attention using Realeyes PreView.

Brand Creative Sec Quality Score Capture Retain Encode
1 Best Buy LG – Super Bowl 2021 46   4 3.93 16.6% 75.27
2 Vroom Bad Passengers ft. Christina Applegate  30   4 5.03 24.2% 18.22
3 Doritos The Ball is in Your Court ft. Serena Williams 30   3 3.85 20.4% 47.4
4 Cheetos We All Win 15   3 5.08 0.0% 3.99
5 Chipotle The 100 Year Game  36   3 3.71 7.1% 7.96

The Best Super Bowl Ads for Audience Attention 2018 – 2020

All eyes are on the Super Bowl. The biggest network TV event of the year claimed 102 million viewers in 2020 at a cost of $5.6 million per 30-seconnd spot. But are advertisers creating ads that engage with viewers and connect with them on an emotional level?

Realeyes set out to understand trends in Super Bowl advertising over the last three years by testing 192 ads that aired during the big game in 2018, 2019, and 2020. All ads were tested with our PreView system, which measures the ability of an ad to capture and retain viewer attention and encode an emotional response.

Super Bowl LV will be occurring in a vastly different environment than previous years. Viewers have been through an emotional roller coaster over the last year with the COVID-19 pandemic and a hotly contested election.

Overall our study found a decline quality and encoding scores over the last three years, which may be indicative of emotional fatigue in an increasingly divided nation. After a rocky January, in 2021all bets are off as to the ability of advertisers to capture viewer attention and connect with them on an emotional level. Stay tuned for our Super Bowl LV Recap after the game.

Sper Bowl Reports

Best and Worst UK Christmas Ads for Audience Attention

The competition for consumer attention is fierce leading up to Christmas. It’s crucial to have a campaign that attracts highly distracted audiences, which is why brands spend millions on media space. The pandemic has created a backdrop of caution, along with a host of logistical challenges, but advertiser’s creativity could’t be locked down.

Home-Care Brands Profit During COVID-19, Not Because of Great Ads

COVID-19 has shocked the world and sent economies spinning, and many home-goods brands have benefitted from consumers spending more to keep their homes and themselves clean.

While profits of these brands are soaring, how are their ads performing? To find out, we tested 29 home-cleaning and personal-hygiene ads from nine brands, including Clorox, Seventh Generation, Kleenex, Glad, Febreze, Lysol, Swiffer, Charmin and Tide. Videos ranged from 5 to 30 seconds in duration.