Best and Worst UK Christmas Ads for Audience Attention

The competition for consumer attention is fierce leading up to Christmas. It’s crucial to have a campaign that attracts highly distracted audiences, which is why brands spend millions on media space. The pandemic has created a backdrop of caution, along with a host of logistical challenges, but advertiser’s creativity could’t be locked down.

Home-Care Brands Profit During COVID-19, Not Because of Great Ads

COVID-19 has shocked the world and sent economies spinning, and many home-goods brands have benefitted from consumers spending more to keep their homes and themselves clean.

While profits of these brands are soaring, how are their ads performing? To find out, we tested 29 home-cleaning and personal-hygiene ads from nine brands, including Clorox, Seventh Generation, Kleenex, Glad, Febreze, Lysol, Swiffer, Charmin and Tide. Videos ranged from 5 to 30 seconds in duration.

People Tired of Sappy Coronavirus Messaging, Insurance Ad Study Shows

In March, brand advertisers realised they needed to dial down on the product selling, and dial up brand values and reassurance. Things have begun to shift. Brands have begun retiring b-roll archive footage in favour of improvised sets that lean into working-from-home and Zoom-call scenarios. Madison Avenue is after the new ‘new normal’.