NEC and Realeyes Announce Strategic Alliance in Emotion Analysis

Our mission at Realeyes is to make technology more human, and to bring a trillion more smiles to our planet every single year. Most people know us through our application of computer vision and emotion AI technology to empower advertisers and media platform companies to create better experiences for their audiences. We remain fully committed to those important use cases and clients, though our journey expands. 

How emotions are linked to sales: your questions answered. Interview with Realeyes’ CEO Mihkel Jaatma

Realeyes CEO Mihkel Jaatma

Having presented research about the link between emotional perception of video ads and sales results, Realeyes has been approached with questions and queries. We have collected those enquiries and sat with Realeyes’ CEO Mihkel Jäätma to go through all of them.

Super Bowl Creativity Reaches Three Year High

Price of the Super Bowl ad is growing. Quality too!  

We partnered with audience platform Lucid to test all the 75 ads that ran during the big game yesterday.  The emotional response of the 5,000 viewers who we showed these ads too shows a clear trend: Super Bowl ads are getting better year after year.