Cannes Lions 2014

Martin Salo | 15 June 2014 | Cannes

Realeyes are excited to be back, and this time we’ve brought a new demo of our technology with us – in the form of our Emotion Mirror. Look into the glass and see how you’re feeling reflected back at you!

The mirror perfectly illustrates the virtues of capturing facial expressions in real time. We thought it’d be fun to show people how exactly we go about measuring people’s emotions. See for yourself on Twitter - #emotionmirror

We test hundreds of videos every week with this technology – that’s thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of facial expressions captured and measured in order to tell you how people feel when they watch your video content. This knowledge enables brands, agencies, and media companies to make informed decisions on how to optimise and distribute their content. 
Last year, after testing 250 ads submitted to the Cannes Lions Film awards, using over 100 million facial data points, we managed to predict ads that would make the shortlist with 75% accuracy. We’re repeating the experiment with this year’s ads in the next day or so. Watch this space!

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