Comparing long form video performance in different markets.

‘Coke TV’ and ‘Indoor Skydiving’

Coca-Cola wanted to test these long form videos to understand emotional performances and to benchmark against relevant norms. Long form brand videos is an emerging trend in advertising and this case demonstrates how a data-oriented company approach them.

The Brief

Coca-Cola wanted to test these two videos to understand the emotional performances and to benchmark against relevant norms.

Our Approach

We tested both videos to see how they performed against the target audience in Denmark and Sweden.

Performance Overall

Both Coca-Cola videos, especially Denmark, had a strong performance in Comparison to all other videos within our database. All demographic groups had scored straight 10 out of 10 EmotionAll® Score, whereas Sweden scored slightly lower amongst the 26-65 age group and males.


Overall, both videos had strong performances across all EmotionAll® metrics, however Denmark had a better performance across the board. Whilst the performance was above average, Sweden could improve in its ability to gain attention (Attraction) maintain attention (Retention) and leave a lasting positive impression (Impact).

Actionable Insight

Both Coca-Cola videos, especially Denmark performed above average compared to every video on our database. The videos were able to put viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, starting with higher negative levels, and recovering with strong Happy spikes within the middle and the end.

Denmark resonated  best with the older age group (26-65 yrs), whereas Sweden resonated best with the youngest age group (15-25 yrs).


Creative Actions 
For Sweden consider edits to beginning scenes to increase Attraction score and allow for earlier spike in happiness levels. Similarly, for Denmark consider shortening or editing initial scenes to allow for earlier peak in happiness.  

Media Actions
Prioritize Denmark towards the older age group and Sweden to the younger age group.


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