The Science of Attention and Emotion AI In Advertising Effectiveness: Summit Recap

Our recent online summit, “The Science of Attention and Emotion AI,” was our most popular and engaging this year. Along with our special guests from our partners Mars, Inc. and Teads, hundreds of delegates from large brands, publishers, measurement suppliers, tech companies and academics signed up to probe the role of attention measurement in advertising effectiveness. 

Shorter Video Ads Among Top Performers In QSR Industry

Key findings

  1. Video ads 15 seconds or fewer in duration claim the top ten spots in capturing attention among 38 new summer QSR ads.
  2. Forced-exposure media buys don’t guarantee attentiveness nor quality exposures, so advertisers should manage creative and duration to boost attention outcomes. 
  3. Duration, variety and testing should be primary considerations – not afterthoughts – when developing creatives intended to drive quality exposures and high impact.

Selected thumbnails from some of the ads tested

People Tired of Sappy Coronavirus Messaging, Insurance Ad Study Shows

In March, brand advertisers realised they needed to dial down on the product selling, and dial up brand values and reassurance. Things have begun to shift. Brands have begun retiring b-roll archive footage in favour of improvised sets that lean into working-from-home and Zoom-call scenarios. Madison Avenue is after the new ‘new normal’.