Mars Leads the Way on CPG Measurement

Pre-testing, the online surveys and polls that ask people their impressions of ads, rarely tell the whole story and often can tell the wrong story.

Monitoring and analyzing viewers’ facial expressions while viewing the ad is the best way to truly understand attention, retention, and emotional response.
RetailDive properly framed the issue in its recent piece about Mars’ pioneering Agile Creative Expertise (ACE) work, which is on track to analyze 1,000 pieces of content by the end of the year.

We are excited to be a part of this important journey with Mars as it revolutionizes how CPGs companies measure creative.

As Sorin Patilinet, global insights director at Mars, told RetailDive: “We have data to prove that the correlation between those kinds of studies, which are declarative studies, and the in-market performance of that ad is not that good.”

Well said.

Why Creatives Must Start Paying Attention to Attention

What makes a successful ad? Attention. And all the targeting in the world won’t matter if the people who view the ad are persuaded or entertained.

That’s why we invite our partners in creative to join the attention-measurement party. Attention, not scale or reach or viewability, is the most important topic in media today.

The reality is that our partners in creative likely have more influence on attention than media. Our VP of marketing Max Kalehoff had written a guest post in Forbes welcoming creatives to learn more about attention measurement and why it is the most important topic in advertising today.

Revisiting COVID Vaccination PSA Effectiveness as School Opens Up

When we released our Vaccine ad report in June, there was a little bit of optimism that come the beginning of the 2021 school year, the world would collectively be in much better shape. However, the Delta variant surge and too many vaccine hesitant or skeptics have meant many countries are still far away from herd immunity, and some cities are experiencing hospital overloads and dramatic rises in deaths.  

Digiday Pays Attention to Realeyes’ Pioneering Technology

Digiday recently got the memo that attention is in. Their article cited Realeyes as a major influence on the power of attention, alongside some of our competitors. Our VP marketing and growth Max Kalehoff discussed how attention transcended viewability, especially for CPG brands and others that have latent sales cycles.

Attention answers more meaningful questions beyond – did someone see your ad – towards business intelligence – did it capture and retain someone’s attention? And Realeyes can go even further than that by answering these valuable questions: Did it provoke an emotional response? And did it provoke the right emotional response?

Why Attention in Advertising Is Your Best Path to Sales

Performance and direct-response advertising have become a vital piece of advertisers’ marketing efforts. Why? They immediately link to sales.

But there’s a problem. This type of advertising doesn’t help brands build awareness and grow in the long run.

Advertisers invest much of their time and resources in massive and time-consuming rear-view market studies, making them inefficient when it comes to decision-making or planning. Also, while performance proxies like ROAS are incomparable due to dissimilar attribution windows, CPMs are incompatible because ad formats vary. Finally, brand-lift studies and media effectiveness are often relying on self-reported metrics like surveys which are frequently misused and crude proxies at best.

Why CMOs Are Blind to 90% of Their Content Experience

It is best practice — and common — for marketers to pre-test human response of their premium video content. That typically includes big event-driven “tentpole” TV spots, like Super Bowl ads, and evergreen content that is designed to be relevant for a long period of time.