Why Attention in Advertising Is Your Best Path to Sales

Performance and direct-response advertising have become a vital piece of advertisers’ marketing efforts. Why? They immediately link to sales.

But there’s a problem. This type of advertising doesn’t help brands build awareness and grow in the long run.

Advertisers invest much of their time and resources in massive and time-consuming rear-view market studies, making them inefficient when it comes to decision-making or planning. Also, while performance proxies like ROAS are incomparable due to dissimilar attribution windows, CPMs are incompatible because ad formats vary. Finally, brand-lift studies and media effectiveness are often relying on self-reported metrics like surveys which are frequently misused and crude proxies at best.

Why CMOs Are Blind to 90% of Their Content Experience

It is best practice — and common — for marketers to pre-test human response of their premium video content. That typically includes big event-driven “tentpole” TV spots, like Super Bowl ads, and evergreen content that is designed to be relevant for a long period of time.