Dive into your emotional data as it's collected in real time.



Measure the six basic emotions as well as net positivity (valence), negativity and overall engagement.


See your video's performance at a glance with second-by-second traces for each emotion.


Segment your data by age, gender, market, or any other demographic information you've collected.

Custom Norms

Compare your content's performance to other markets, industries, competitors, or other benchmarks of your choosing.

EmotionAll® Score

Measure your performance with a 1 to 10 score linked to real business outcomes.


Export your data as slides or images, or even generate videos with overlaid emotion traces.

Audience Data

We collect data from compensated viewers who are supplied by our strategic partner panel providers. The viewers watch content at home on their device, just as they normally would.

Gathering these subconscious, unbiased responses to video, provides content creators and media conmpanies the perfect insight in to real-world performance. The result is making content more relevant and engaging to the consumer. > Audience Sample Costs

Emotion Charts

Seeing the granular detail of each emotion from moment to moment, provides an additional layer of insight that enables brands and content producers to see where, how and why they’re captivating their target viewers…or not. Making it an ideal tool to measure content before making any expensive media buying decisions. > EmotionAll® Reports

EmotionAll® Score

Audience emotional data is presented not only on a second by second basis, but by an overall EmotionAll® Score.

The 1 to 10 EmotionAll® Score is based on 4 metrics: Attraction, Retention, Engagement and Impact, making it an effective tool to quickly see the winners vs losers, compare historic data, predict the social performance and through slicing and dicing demographic data, help identify the most effective audience to target. > Solutions