Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference

Alex Slater | 16 September 2015 | Cologne

Dmexco is the international leading expo & conference for the digital economy. It stands for innovative and future-oriented marketing in the midst of a global growth market, and offers trade visitors the broadest range of business trends, growth strategies, product innovations, and creative excellence in all forms.

We’re proud to be bringing emotion measurement technology to dmexco alongside our partners AOL again this year. AOL are using our emotional intelligence as a new measure of ad effectiveness, guiding their media buying and audience targeting decisions before launch and evaluating their success afterwards.


A fun but accurate representation of how our technology works, the mirror measures how people are feeling and reflects their emotions back at them. 

Realeyes technology creates a 3D shape model of the participant’s face out of the 2D webcam image. The shape data from this 3D model, along with texture data from the 2D webcam image is then used to estimate emotions relative to that person’s ‘neutral’ state'.

Our algorithms are trained on our own data sets of over 5.5 million individually annotated frames, maximising their accuracy in detecting emotions ‘in the wild’ and their ability to adapt to ‘occlusions’ like bad lighting, different head positions, or even glasses and facial hair.



Are you investing in a video that works? Does your video evoke the right emotions? Does this video meet your needs? Deep dive into data with our interactive dashboard. Beyond just measuring emotions, our platform provides second-by-second traces of how people reacted to your content. Slice and dice the data to compare videos, target audiences or emotions; compare norms across categories or markets; and access our presentation-ready reports. Some of the world's biggest brands use our platform for creative testing, media planning & targeting, and performance prediction & analysis. > Get Started


See exactly how content dictates emotional response through our selection of emotional video traces. Measuring people’s emotions enables brands to tap into what their consumers really feel – rather than what they think they feel or say they think. In turn, this emotional intelligence can be used to improve advertising, target it to people who will actually like it, and measure the previously intangible ‘emotional’ impact that it has on viewers and prompts them to share content and buy products. The Realeyes platform can provide insight at every stage of the content’s lifecycle, ultimately maximizing return by getting better video directly to the right people. 

Find us at the AOL booth in Hall 7 - C031-33 and join the conversation on twitter with #EmotionMirror.