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Emotional content multiplies effectiveness

The more people feel, the more they spend. Research has firmly established that emotional content is the key to successful media and business results. Intangible ‘emotions’ translate into concrete social activity, brand awareness, and profit.

'Emotional advertising is more effective and more profitable than rational campaigns.' Les Binet & Peter Field Marketing in the Era of Accountability
'Emotional advertising is eleven times more efficient in market share growth.' Donald Gunn The Gunn Report

Two centuries of emotional measurement research...


French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne published Mécanisme de la Physionomie Humaine, detailing how facial expressions are produced, and inspiring Charles Darwin’s own work on the subject, The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals, published in 1872. In it, Darwin argued for the instinctive, rather than acquired, nature of emotions.


Building on the work of Darwin, Paul Ekman embarked on several decades of scientific research, advancing the theory and practice of analysing facial expressions. He developed a classification system for the facial expression of emotions called the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), the defacto standard in psychology for decades. He singled out six emotional states considered universal across cultures, ages and geography.


Originally founded at Oxford University, Realeyes uses Dr Ekman’s six basic emotions at the core of its automated facial coding platform.

Thanks to the technological advances of cloud computing and the popularity of webcams, we’ve constructed an online coding system which can process and report results from all over the world in seconds, dramatically improving the viability of the technique and scaling its potential. Led by a team of experts in the field, including the internationally acclaimed Prof Maja Pantic and Prof Jeffrey Cohn, we look to the future, striving to push our technology further every day.