Corporate Research Conference 2018

Paula David | 10 October 2018 | Orlando

CRC is for market researchers, data scientists and consumer insights professionals undaunted by uncertainty and the frenetic pace of today’s market. We now live at a time when there are nearly 4 connected devices for every person. A time when the average human attention span is now down to just 8 seconds and the average person spends almost 24 hours a week online. Every business today is in constant competition for Attention.

Paula David is speaking on, How to Get Noticed in the Age of Attention, following a recent release of a new AI-powered metric that tells advertisers how much attention their ads will attract before they are launched. The new AI-powered metric means marketers will be able to measure the likely attention their content will generate by using consumers’ webcams to monitor various behavioural cues such as eye movements, blinking, yawning and so on. Advertisers looking to maximise the impact and effectiveness of their ad content will be given metrics showing the volume and quality of attention their content managed to attract, plus a second-by-second analysis of where attention rises or falls, allowing them to make edits prior to launch.

Paula David
How to Get Noticed in the Age of Attention
Wednesday at 12:00pm in Celebration 3.