Events List

  • Cannes Lions 2013

    Be Emotive

    Speaking at the famous Cannes Lions festival, Mihkel and Rene Rechtman (CEO of BeOn, AOL) discuss the growing facial coding movement and its impact on the market research world, focusing on how facial coding can be utilised to help meet the …

    Mihkel Jäätma | 16 June 2013 | Cannes
  • BBC Radio 4 You & Yours

    Emotional Recognition

    Mihkel hits the airwaves on Samantha Fenwick’s popular consumer affairs programme You & Yours.

    Mihkel Jäätma | 1 August 2013 | London
  • StartSmart

    Smart People Like Challenges

    Mihkel travels back to his home of Tallin, Estonia to share insight with StartSmart, the Central Baltic co-financing programme with the challenges and motivations for creating Realeyes.

    Mihkel Jäätma | 11 November 2013 | Tallin