IAB Inspirational Conference

Mihkel Jäätma | 27 November 2013 | Madrid

This is the only event dedicated exclusively to the advertising and digital communication in Madrid, Spain.

The goal of the Inspirational event and awards is to recognize quality, inspiration and digital excellence. It is the only event that looks to the future, and aims to reward those projects involving inspiration and new directions for the digital industry.

At the IAB Inspirational Conference 2013, Realeyes and Be On discuss the role of emotions as powerful drivers of human behavior and targets for branding and impactful communication. 

Through a case study, we demonstrate how to use emotional measurement to evaluate and optimize the effectiveness of branded entertainment, find out what connects to the public and how to use this knowledge to make the most of online video campaigns.

Event Website: http://iabspain.net/inspirational/2013/