IAB's UK Digital Upfronts

Mihkel Jäätma | 16 October 2014 | London

As the lines between traditional TV and digital become increasingly blurred, AOL has made it their mission to provide great digital video online.

Bringing traditional TV production values to the digital short-form table, they presented some of their new content last night, showcasing original premium programming at the BAFTA house as part of the IAB’s Upfronts series. 

Realeyes, in partnership with AOL, revealed a global industry first, launching Live Emotion Measurement: measuring people’s emotional reactions live as and when they choose to watch AOL’s online content – not in a test environment, just simply as they go about their evening catching up on some good TV. (With their consent, of course.)

How It Works

1) Viewer clicks play on AOL's video player.
2) Viewer receives prompt to temporarily enable their webcam.
3) Clicking “allow” grants temporary webcam access,
4) Content plays without disruption
5) Emotions are measured, aggregated, and reported online. 

This data enables AOL to analyse performance in depth, optimise their content, and distribute it to the most receptive audience segments. Such powerful campaign reports will ultimately serve to bring the audience better content – content that they really want to watch.