Measuring Emotion Demo

This app is designed to demonstrate simplified continuous emotion tracking
technology within a live environment. Its accuracy is not representative
of our online data collection tests however, where we process videos to get better facial
tracking and a more accurate estimation of how people feel.


Mac  |   PC

Files size 50.2MB
Requires an internal or external webcam
Mac OS 10.9 / Windows 7.0 or higher
Dual Core i7 processor
Graphics Card 

Please power up!
If you’re using a laptop, make sure that it’s connected to its charger as even on
high-spec machines, the power saving function can affect the performance. 
Click on the smiley icon on your desktop to launch the app.

When you're a normal distance from your screen, a wireframe of a face will appear.
The wireframe demonstrates how your facial features are tracked.
Click your spacebar to toggle between the wireframe and your face as is.
Use the switch to add fun effects - exaggerating your facial features as you move. 
For best results, ensure your face is uniformly lit.
Avoid using lamps with strong directional light.
Shadows cast on the face can affect the performance.
Backlights can create a silhouette effect - making the face difficult to read.

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