Media Planning

Refine your media plan by knowing who to target to and how best to distribute your budget.

Target Audiences

Weed out the low performers to get your video in front of those who will respond best.

By knowing exactly how your audiences feel, you can distribute your media spend more wisely, maximizing its effectiveness without having to increase your budget.

Drive Efficiency

Skew spend towards the most engaged audiences and invest in high performing content.

See how your video performs amongst different markets, genders, or age groups as well as custom demographic segments, in order to fully optimize your targeting.

Predict Performance

Capitalize on your earned media potential and inform channel split decisions based on your EmotionAll® Score.

Select the most appropriate viewing environments for your content in the knowledge of your video’s social performance potential.


Get your emotional intelligence distilled into presentation-ready reports, combining both creative testing and media planning insights. More >

Creative Testing

Get the best content to the right people. Optimize your content according to your audience's emotional reaction. More >