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Oculus Set-Up

Your Oculus makes it simple to meet up with colleagues and friends to play games, join a group workout, or hang out in company meetings and more.

Ready, Headset, Go!

Adjust the straps for comfort, then switch on the headset. You'll define a safe play area, then be taken through the set-up instructions that'll quickly get you familiar with the space and controllers. 

You can also download the Oculus App to manage your account from your phone as well as your Oculus headset.

Alt Space VR

Please download an app called Alt Space VR via Apps within your Oculus headset or vis the app on your phone. Alt Space VR is the virtual space that we use for company meetings. Once you've downloaded the Alt Space VR app you can search for your friends and colleagues to join them.

Be sure to create yourself an avatar too - there's lots of options to create your virtual appearance.

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Virtual Assistance

If you have a question or need some help, please provide your work email and details to help us respond effectively.