Realeyes PRO

Presentation-ready reports that combine both Creative Testing and Media Planning insights based on Attention, Emotion, Sentiment and Survey data.

Performance Summary

See what your video achieves, with whom, and why.


Act on bespoke content, distribution and targeting recommendations.

EmotionAll® Score

Discover your video's earned media potential with this 1 to 10 score.

Emotion Traces

Dive into how your audiences really feel, second-by-second.

Audience Discovery

Know exactly who responds best to your video and how.

Channel Split

Make your content’s earned media potential work for you.


Combine emotional intelligence with an additional survey for an extra layer of data.

Brand Impact

See how your video lifts brand favorability and purchase intent.

Brand Recall

Be certain your brand is getting the credit it deserves.


See whether emotional engagement and likeability coincide.


Understand the feelings driving the engagement.