Agency-style reporting at machine speed

  • Fully managed global service
  • AI-powered attention and emotion measurement
  • Sentiment analysis & surveys
  • Custom audiences
  • Turnaround from 2 days
  • All from $4k per test

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Full-service platform

PRO enables marketers to delve deeper into their creative’s performance using
Realeyes’ full suite of diagnostic data tools. It’s a service that provides brands
with the data and insights they need to maximise the effectiveness of their ad
campaigns, from optimising the impact of their creative to informing their media
buying strategies.

Reports built around you

We build our reports around your KPIs, ensuring you get the insights you need to maximise your campaign goals.

Custom audience targeting

Have a specific audience in mind? No problem. Our tech can reach your target audiences using their desktop or mobile devices.

Surveys & Sentiment Analysis

We combine analysis of consumers’ passive responses with custom sentiment surveys to give you the full picture.

Metrics that matter

PRO provides a full suite of metrics that will maximise the power of your digital marketing.

>23K video database

Benchmark the effectiveness of your content by competitor, industry, geography or previous campaigns.


No need to spend time creating slides, our team crafts your report ready for that all-important meeting.

Rich data for the time poor

A full suite of testing solutions that measure both passive and active responses.


See how captivated your audience is by volume and quality.



Know exactly how your audience is feeling - second-by-second.



Automated analysis of written response after viewing content.



Ask custom questions to gain that extra layer of insight.



“At last, performance analytics on the actual impact the video had on the target audience. You guys rock!”

Amy Kean
Head of Futures, Havas Media

Get the full suite

Realeyes Score

Score combines viewers’ emotional engagement and attention levels to help maximise the ROI of media campaigns.

EmotionAll® Score

A snapshot of your performance per asset, enabling you to predict social media activity, and inform media distribution decisions.

Attention Score

See how well your content grabs and maintains audience attention to know whether they’re gripped or easily distracted.

Brand Logo Score

See the level of audience engagement during the precise moments when your brand logo is featured to ensure a brand connection is made.

Sentiment Score

Find out what people really think of about your brand, ad or campaign using AI to analyse written comments

Brand Survey

Capture the voices and opinions of your key audiences and evaluate the impact on your brand.

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