Sentiment Analysis Symposium

Martin Salo | 8 May 2013 | New York

Martin Salo, discusses the advantages and ever increasing need for automated facial coding in the world of market research. 

To glimpse the inner workings of the human mind normally requires an in-lab hardware solution, an often expensive and unscalable option. In this talk at the 2013 Sentiments Analysis Symposium, Martin Salo discusses facial coding as a new and highly successful approach to market research that overcomes the present day challenges faced by the field. 

Key topics: 

  • How facial coding is being used today
  • The predictive powers of facial coding
  • How to create better, more evocative adverts
  • What emotions measured at the point of sale in shops can tell you about purchase intent

Event Website: 

Facial Recognition for Emotion Detection from Realeyes on Vimeo.


Integrating the Emotional Measurement platform