Consumer Insight

Use emotion AI to get instant intelligence to drive better consumer insights that delivers better creative, media performance, and overall brand experience

AI for Consumer Insights Professionals

Realeyes decodes the relationship among brands, creative and people. Our platform uses webcams and AI to measure emotion and attention among your global audiences.

Smarter Insights Powered by Emotion AI

Embed human response and AI into your research workflow. Leverage emotion and attention measurement predict creative,media and brand performance. Know the why behind the feelings that move your customers to engage and buy.

Select Winning Creative

A/B test creative elements, whether it’s sound on/off, alternative soundtracks, cut-down versions, alternative messaging and brand recall.

Inform Creative Development

Test early-stage creative or animatics prior to full production to ensure you develop the most effective creative.

Optimize Creative

See second-by-second, which frames may lose emotional engagement or attention to inform editing decisions that drive creative performance.

View Campaign Effectiveness

See how consumers are responding, identify trends, learn from other categories and use that knowledge to supercharge your creative and improve campaign success.

Benchmark Your Creative

Compare your creative against previous campaigns, other markets, industries, similar durations, brands or direct competitors.

Measure Brand Awareness

Ensure that a connection is made between the brand and the creative using a score determined by emotion and attention levels while the logo is in frame.

Identify Receptive Audiences

Make better informed media buying decisions by knowing how each demographic responds to your creative.

Make Advertising Responsive

Close the feedback loop between media and creative with simple metrics -- a common language -- that foster smarter, adaptive messaging.

Inform Media Decisions

Learn what creative is the most effective before spending media budget on distribution or testing in-market.

Unify Emotion & Logic

Harmonize conscious and subconscious responce data with attitudinal data for any content or audience Deploy rapidly, affordably and at scale.


See how captivated your audience is by volume and quality.



Know exactly how your audience is feeling - second-by-second.



Automated analysis of written response after viewing content.



Ask custom questions to gain that extra layer of insight.



“At last, performance analytics on the actual impact the video
had on the target audience. You guys rock!"

Amy Kean
Head of Futures, Havas Media


Self Service
The fastest way to measure, predict and increase digital creative effectiveness

20 videos / $25k

50 videos / $42.5​k

  • AI-powered measurement of emotion and attention
  • Dedicated AI experts to prescribe action
  • Results in 3 hours


Managed Service
We analyse your results and identify the insights that will be most valuable to your campaign.

1 video / $4k

  • AI-powered measurement of emotion and attention
  • Custom surveys and responder targeting
  • Presentation-ready reports


Integrate emotionAI
Plug in to enable your apps,digital experiences and reports torecognise and report emotion.

Custom pricing

  • AI-powered measurement of emotion and attention
  • Technical set-up support

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