Sophus3 Forum 2014: Shaping the Customer's Digital Journey

Mihkel Jäätma | 20 March 2014 | London

Do you have the information and insight you need to drive your business? What insights can facial coding provide to the Automotive industry? Find out at this year's edition of Sophus3's annual forum.

Mihkel will be presenting our Automotive Case Study at this year's forum,  and discussing how emotions can drive social media success in automotive advertising.

Jay Nagley, MD at Redspy, pointed out that German car brands are taking over the UK market - which is reflected in our results, in which Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen are indeed consistently ranked at the top of of the 150 car ads we tested. In our database, Volkswagen's average EmotionAll score - a composite score out of 10, which consists of 20% attraction, 20% engagement, 30% retention and 30% impact, used in our high-level emotional overview reports - is 7.4; Chevrolet on the other hand have scored an average of 3.4 across all their creative work. 

This is a great example of how quality creative can drive significant changes in market shares, as has been proved again and again by the work of Donald Gunn and the eponymous Gunn Report - which firmly establishes that 'virtually all of the work our industry admires, applauds and awards the most is also highly successful in doing its job in the marketplace.' Hence it's unsurprising that the likes of the aforementioned German brands have seized over 12% of the UK car market in recent years, as their creative work has been consistently superior to that of their competitors.