SXSW Interactive Festival

Martin Salo | 8 March 2014 | Austin

If you want to know how people feel about something, just give them a questionnaire, right? Nope! Martin Salo joins a panel to discuss how to tap into people's thoughts, feelings, and opinions directly, in real time. 

Our thoughts and feelings drive our decisions, from the smallest ones, like what we eat or watch, to big ones like how we invest, who we vote for, and the causes we’re passionate about. This panel interactively discusses new ways to collect data on people's instant, in-the-moment reactions and emotions, including biometric and facial emotion detection, real-time polling on mobile devices, and sentiment analysis, enabling novel online interactive digital experiences and volumes of new data to mine for better understanding of how people make decisions. We discuss how these new technologies will change the face of polling – enabling people everywhere to have a voice, to emote their vote, and to be listened to with greater precision and scalability than has ever existed before.