The ARF's Audience Measurement 2015

Mihkel Jäätma | 15 June 2015 | New York

In today’s dynamic media and metric mania landscape, yesterday’s models don’t fit today’s consumer behavior. New skills are needed: experimentation, analytics, synthesis and communication. Audience Measurement 2015: The Measurement Mandate, will explore how to make better decisions to drive positive business results.

Realeyes has been selected to present our paper on 'Predicting Social Media Success With Emotions'. 

Emotions have long been considered to play a key role in successful advertising and sales. Realeyes measures people's emotions via webcam while they watch video content, tapping into people's subconscious feelings. Our research proposes a framework whereby emotions can successfully be used to predict social media popularity. Existing studies show that social media statistics are a key indicator of the success of an advertising campaign; thus, in predicting social media performance according to the emotions measured using our framework, we can establish a campaign's potential for success. This research is extremely valuable in enabling marketers to understand and evaluate their advertising. It can be used to produce better adverts and achieve greater social media impact, and ultimately maximise their chances of success in the market.

Find out more about the event schedule and where to find us here.