Unilever Huddle

Alex Slater | 3 December 2015 | Leatherhead

Unilever are holding a reprise of the best of Mindshare's annual Huddle event - where there is no PowerPoint and no sales pitch: just a mix of leading media, cultural and tech players, entrepreneurs and academics brought together to curate a series of participatory experiences around the theme of 'Being Human'.

Our Commercial Director, Alex Slater, is taking the stage again with his Huddle on unlocking the potential of emotional advertising. 

People don’t hate advertising. They hate bad advertising, which interrupts their viewing experience with irritating or irrelevant content. They love engaging advertising they can share – funny, touching, interesting content which engages the brain or the heart – or both. Find out how measuring people’s unconscious reactions is unlocking video’s emotional potential - emotions are humanising big data, enabling clever media decisions, more ambitious creative concepts – and less advertising of the kind no one wants to watch. Participants will take part in a live demo of emotion measurement technology and deep dive into the emotions data of some of the most successful advertising in recent times, getting to grips with the insights emotion measurement can provide, and the impact it's having on the video industry.