Attention Leaders Interview Series

As attention dominates conversations in industry events and conferences, there are several individuals and companies leading the discussion. Realeyes has covered many of them in an interview series where we ask pertinent questions about the state of attention measurement today and where it’s heading.

Not All Attention is Equal

Marc Guldimann has been on the forefront of innovative media measurement, having started and sold multiple companies in this space.

Attention Industry Needs to Move Upstream to Content Creation

In his illustrious career, Bill Harvey has consistently advanced the field of advertising measurement towards better metrics tied to more specific business objectives.

Attention Helping Determine Quality of an Impression

Angelina Eng has over 25 years of digital media, marketing and operations experience, focusing on helping agencies and brands to define, build and manage digital media and marketing efforts.

Being a Trailblazer in Attention Creates a Competitive Advantage

LinkedIn’s Paolo Provinciali on how measuring creative and media attention will create winners in a hyper-competitive advertising landscape.

Attention is the Metric We’ve Been Waiting For

Lumen MD Mike Follett shares what he and his company have learned from years of media attention measurement

Attention’s Big Moment Has Arrived

CEO of the Attention Council, Andy Brown spoke to Realeyes about the investment in attention metrics, what education still needs to be done, and what advertisers who need to get up to speed can do to learn more.

Proving Brand Lift Through Attention

Caroline Hugonenc, SVP Research & Insights at Teads, shared how her company approaches partnerships with attention measurement providers

ARF’s Stipp: We Need to Study Inattention As Well As Attention

Why Attention Takes Neural Research and Makes It Scalable

Attention as a Proxy for Business Outcomes

Sorin Patilinet shares how Mars Inc. uses attention measurement to improve the effectiveness of its advertising