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Attention Leaders Interview Series

As attention dominates conversations in industry events and conferences, there are several individuals and companies leading the discussion. Realeyes has covered many of them in an interview series where we ask pertinent questions about the state of attention measurement today and where it’s heading.

The Human Element Necessary for AI-powered Attention

Adland Consultant Erez Levin shares what he’s learned in decades of ad effectiveness measurement at Google

Navigating the Attention Trail

Pernod Ricard's insights executive, Anna Estlund shares her attention measurement services strategy.

Attention Strengthens Advertisers’ Contract with Audiences

Tom Roach, VP Brand Strategy at Jellyfish, shared his perspective on how attention improves ad effectiveness.

Helping Advertisers See the Bigger Picture of Attention

Publicis Groupe SVP Phil Sumner, discusses how to elevate advertising attention metrics.

The Trinity of Attention: Context, Emotional Response & Distinction

Seedtag’s global marketing manager Mercedes Riofrio discusses attention’s power to go beyond viewability

Attention is all About Delivering Value

Havas Media Networks’ SVP discusses the agency’s unique approach to attention measurement

Kantar’s Comprehensive Approach to Attention

Kantar’s senior director Duncan Southgate discusses the exciting new partnership with Realeyes

Exploring Attention’s Renaissance

Walton Isaacson’s managing director of digital innovation discusses why attention is having its big moment

Attention as a Catalyst for Change

Outbrain’s head of enterprise, UK, shares how he views attention measurement

Helping Advertisers Solve the Attention Puzzle

Playground XYZ’s Rob Hall discusses how attention goals should shift between environments

Attention Measurement’s Global Footprint

GroupM’s Simon Thomas provides an expansive view of the attention landscape.

The Tremendous Opportunity in Attention Measurement

Consultant Ethan Rapp studied attention providers in a 10-month stint with the ARF

Let the Attention Data Tell the Story

Oracle senior manager, product management: Sam Mansour shares insights on attention metrics

Moving Beyond Viewability to Focus on Consumer Engagement

Snap's ads research and insights lead shared her thoughts on how attention measurement drives positive business objectives.

Moving Towards an Attention Revolution in Advertising

Industry leader Thaer Namruti, EVP Global Data and Technology at Publicis Groupe discusses how Attention measurement is on the cusp of taking a big step.

From Engagement to Conversion: The Role of Attention in Advertising

The MediaProbe CPO provides an in-depth accounting of the current attention measurement landscape in advertising.

Pushing Attention Forward During its Formative Years

ARF’s CIMM managing director Jon Watts shares overview of attention landscape

A Master Thesis: Unpacking the Definition of ‘Attention as a Metric’

Attention as a Metric research paper probes perspectives on attention measurement.

Attention is the Remedy for Constant Distraction

Attention measurement can help reach consumers who are bombarded with messages.

Attention: A Complex Phenomenon Whose Time Is Now

A scientific look at how attention measurement has evolved over the past 25 years.

Creative Attention Even More Important in a Post-ATT World

The VidMob Founder and CEO shared what clients and agencies truly think about creative and media attention.

Attention Needs Standardization for Its Next Great Leap

DoubleVerify's Gian LaVecchia expects attention to reconnect creative and media teams to efficiently produce better advertising.

Attention is the Remedy to Ad Overload

Dentsu's Joanne Leong shares how the large media agency is approaching attention.

Harnessing Attention for Good

GlassView CEO J. Brooks discusses why attention is more plentiful than most believe in Realeyes latest Attention Leaders interview.

Why CTV is the Perfect Place to Experiment with Attention Measurement

Yan Liu discusses what clients want from attention metrics, the big opportunity with CTV, and shares results from a Realeyes-TVision study.

Attention as a Proxy for Business Outcomes

Sorin Patilinet shares how Mars Inc. uses attention measurement to improve the effectiveness of its advertising.

ARF’s Stipp: We Need to Study Inattention As Well As Attention

Why Attention Takes Neural Research and Makes It Scalable.

Proving Brand Lift Through Attention

Caroline Hugonenc, SVP Research & Insights at Teads, shared how her company approaches partnerships with attention measurement providers.

Attention’s Big Moment Has Arrived

CEO of the Attention Council, Andy Brown spoke to Realeyes about the investment in attention metrics, what education still needs to be done, and what advertisers who need to get up to speed can do to learn more.

Attention is the Metric We’ve Been Waiting For

Lumen MD Mike Follett shares what he and his company have learned from years of media attention measurement.

About Attention Leaders

Realeyes developed the Attention Leaders program as a forum to extend the enriching conversations happening at industry events, attention forums, and in-person meetings where attention measurement paradigm is discussed, including its adoption and the appetite for standardization. 


The advertising industry is recognising the opportunity that attention metrics can bring especially considering the advent of cookie depreciation and performance proxies such as viewability falling short in assuring that ads are seen in full, or even noticed in the first place.

Providing insight into dimensions such attention duration, user interaction, the media context, all enable advertisers to accurately measure and optimize performance for the complexity of today’s media landscape.  


These Attention Leaders provide their first-hand experience and opinions on the attention measurement topic. 

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