PreView Reduces Media Waste By Eliminating Low Quality Creative

Attention Outcomes For Better Business Results

PreView is built on the most advanced facial coding technology to provide marketers a true measure of consumer attention and emotional response. Reporting provides predictive in-market performance metrics like second-by-second audience retention, ability to capture and hold attention in the first seconds, and presence of emotional peaks which create memorability — all with competitive norms and benchmarks.

Better Decisioning

Quality Score reveals your creative’s potential to perform based on attention and emotional impact.

Optimize Creative

Know the precise moments that fortify attention and increase quality of media exposure.

Reduce Media Waste

See potential of ad formats and durations to prolong view-through, reducing waste and lower CPM.

Better Storytelling

Optimize for attention for a better brand experience, leading to greater sales conversion and brand loyalty.

Frictionless & Scalable

Facial coding is a natural, frictionless way to measure attention and emotional response.

Competitive Benchmarks

Benchmark your creative by category, market, duration, or competitor creative.

A True Measure of Human Response to Creative

Measure human response to video at the speed and scale of AI across geographies, cultures and languages.


PreView uses front-facing cameras and market-leading computer vision technology to measure the attention and emotional response of opt-in audiences as they experience your video creative.

Know which of videos are most likely to perform based on attention outcomes

Compare Performance​

The Quality Score’s traffic-light system indicates which ads are most likely to perform on attention against your benchmark – making it easy to see which creative to lead your campaign with.

  • High Performer
  • Mid Performer
  • Low Performer

Know which elements drive attention outcomes​

Quality Score

Indicates how strong is the asset at capturing attention. It is determined by 3 key performance indicators:

  1. Avg. First Distraction
  2. Audience Attention
  3. Attention Potential

Know which elements drive attention outcomes​

1. Avg. First Distraction

Expresses the typical time for viewers to show signs of distraction from the start of the video.

2. Audience Retention

Prediction of attentiveness from first seconds of video asset. Calibrated to view-through rate.​

3. Attention Potential

Level of engaged attention, determined by emotional peaks, which are highly predictive of reported interest.

Know which moments deter or earn attention

Audience Retention

Second-by-second trace of audience attentiveness – accounting both attention and emotion.

Attention Potential

Second-by-second breakdown of audience  engagement versus distraction, compared against your benchmark.

Key Moments

Pivotal scenes that lose or build attention; and emotions that create memorability.

“Format choices and even frequency increases won't get us the same returns as a great ad. So our aim is to identify the non-performing ads and make the great.”

Sorin Patilinet
Head of Brand Strategy & Insight Realeyes Brand Partner

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