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Using Attention to Scale Creative Performance and Sales


Mars, Inc., a global food manufacturer, developed a method to test television creatives to predict sales performance. Mars needed to expand this method to the rising volume of digital video on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. It needed to address dozens of brands and markets, and thousands of ads. 

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Mars piloted Realeyes PreView, testing 50 ads against audiences in key markets inside 48 hours, then applied attention and emotion measures to its performance model. Realeyes also calculated adjusted CPMs (qCPM), revealing ad budget reallocation could yield 29% return on ad spend.

PreView enabled Mars to operationalize this model at digital and global scale.


Mars already knew that attention to creative and time-in-view predicted sales patterns. PreView enabled Mars to operationalize this model at digital and global scale. Following pilot success, Mars integrated PreView into its platform for all brands globally, is on track to test thousands of video tests annually. 

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