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Visual Attention

In the age of distraction, without attention, everything else is secondary

Our Attention metric quantifies focus, interest, and engagement by tracking head pose, face direction, palpebral aperture (eye lid openness), and gaze direction.

Defining Attention Measurement

Our working definition: “Awareness to a stimulus while ignoring other stimuli.”

Realeyes has pioneered and patented a deep-learning AI approach to measuring visual attention that surpasses nominal gaze and eye-tracking.  Instead, it assesses attention in a more holistic manner, as a human would do. Facial coding picks up the same subtle behavioral cues that the human brain instinctively processes to gauge someone’s attention to stimuli, interpreting changes in eye movement, head pose, and facial expressions.

Eye Movement

Eyes focused or fixated on a stimulus is interpreted as full attention, whereas closed eyes, looking away, or obscuring the eyes (e.g. with hands) indicates the absence of attention, often described as distraction.

Head Pose

When a person is attentive, their head position tends to be aligned with the stimulus (the target of their attention). Turning left, right, up or down, moving the head position away so that eyes no longer see the stimuli indicates negative attention.


In addition to eye movement and head pose, when individuals are attentive, their facial expressions, may exhibit specific patterns attributed to emotional engagement: Happiness, Surprise, Sadness, Confusion or Concentration for example.

Attention Metrics

Attentive Seconds

The total number of seconds of eyes on-screen, an impression received while fully visible on the screen. The Basis for understanding what moments received attention and how much.

Facial Expressions

The duration when facial reactions were detected in response to viewing stimuli – an active rather than neutral reaction. 

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