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Quick Service Restaurant Ads

We tested 38 video ads from 10 top quick-serve restaurant brands, to better understand the relationship between video duration and audience attention.

Insurance Industry Ads

Discover how some of the biggest advertisers in the world are experimenting with creative strategies, with key findings on what yields greater attention and engagement from viewers.
Covid-19 Auto Ads Report

COVID-19 Automotive

How do you sell cars during a global pandemic? One of the toughest questions facing every auto manufacturer in response to the Coronavirus.

Super Bowl LIV

We measured the emotional response to every Super Bowl ad aired during the game, see how well the ads played out in the field.

Super Bowl LIII

All of the ads from Super Bowl 2019 ranked by effectiveness using emotion and attention measurement. 

Super Bowl LII

We measured the emotional response to every Super Bowl ad aired during the game, see how well the ads played out in the field.

Christmas 2019

See which major brands and retailers came top of the tree and which ones failed to connect with their audience.

Christmas 2018

Our technology analysed the subtle facial expressions and body language of the sample audience to identify the subconscious emotional responses to the content.

Christmas 2017

When it comes to winning over consumers in 2017’s battle of the Christmas ads, authenticity and humour have come out on top.

Short-form Study

This study in partnership with FreeWheel shows how screen size, content duration and frequency of ad-placement all impact the ad-experience and reveals 4 takeaways on how to maximise consumer engagement.

SEWA Project

Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, this project focuses on automatic sentiment analysis in the wild that will quantify the correlation between behaviours and emotions.

Social Media Study

We set out to create a model combining that would enable clients to predict the effectiveness of their video content on social networks. video work predictably. Our research established that emotion measurement can predict your video’s earned media potential.

Sales Validation

We partnered with Mars, Incorporated and their Marketing Laboratory at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science to investigate what drives video advertising success.

Realeyes Score

The score, from 0 to 100, combines viewers’ overall emotional engagement and attentiveness.

Emotion Metric

Our patented emotion recognition software, also known as “facial coding”, provides deep insight into unbiased emotional responses to digital content.

Attention Metric

We live in the age of distraction and attention is the gatekeeper to an ad’s success. Without audience attention, everything else is secondary.

Luxury Study

Collaborative research with The Luxury Institute reveals several essential factors to successful luxury advertising.
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Facial Coding App

Download this fun app for your desktop or tablet, designed to demonstrate how emotion tracking technology works.