PreView Ad Testing

PreView enables leading advertisers to launch campaigns with confidence by accurately measuring ad effectiveness. Know how your creative performs with your target audience’s attention levels and emotional responses as they’re measured and reported using AI in real-time.

Qualify Ad Performance

Launch campaigns with confidence, selecting your best creative by qualifying the performance of your ads based on audience attention and emotion data.

• Test multiple ad concepts
• Test cut-down variations
• Test different durations

Drive Attentive Reach

Select the best performing ads for audience engagement and media efficiency. Pinpoint the key moments in weaker ad performance.

• Select ads based on attentive reach
• Know where to edit to optimize attentive reach
• Improve creative efficiency / qCPM

Competitive Intelligence

Compare your ad’s performance against competitors, and benchmark against industry categories across various markets.

• Gain greater market share
• Compare against leading competitors
• Benchmark by category & market

Portfolio Intelligence

A complete view of your entire creative performance – by brand, campaign and context. Measure attentive reach for greater return on ad spend.

• Holistic view of ad performance
• Actionable data-driven reporting
• Scales to any business size

Reporting What Drives Attention to Deliver ROI

Intuitive and actionable reporting to get the best return on your ad spend

Quality Score

The 0 to 10 score Indicates how strong the video captures, retains and encodes audience attention

Second-by-Second Performance

The attention retained over time and the magnitude of specific emotions that drive engagement


PreView is grabbing attention too


Business Intelligence Group

BIG Innovation Awards for PreView Ad-Testing Product


Business Intelligence Group

Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards


The SaaS Awards

SaaS Award for Best Newcomer


Stevie - American Business Awards

New Product Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning



Best AI-Driven Tech Solution

A Frictionless Way to Measure Attention and Emotional Response

The most advanced, patented and award winning attention measurement technology, PreView uses the front-facing camera of opted-in participants as they experience your ads at home on their own devices.


26 pending - innovation is at the core

0 M

Emotion AI Labels

Biggest culturally sensitive AI training set in the world

0 B

Emotion Events

Largest attention and emotion database linked to other user data

“Data science plays a key role in identifying, planning and measuring content strategies, which is why we’ve been working with Realeyes.”
Tini Sevak

Vice President, Audiences & Data

“We use Realeyes to test videos before and after they go live. It’s cost-effective, lightning quick and gives a good sense of emotional connections”
Lisa McDowell

Brand Strategy & Insight Head

“We use Realeyes to test videos before and after they go live. It’s cost-effective, lightning quick and gives a good sense of emotional connections”
Sorin Patilinet

Global Marketing Insights Director

”The ability to interpret emotions we know drive behavior ... it's a really nice piece of the puzzle we haven't had before.”
Scott Ludwig

Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy & Loyalty

“Using emotion in both consumer and b2b advertising is effective. This provided evidence using revolutionary AI.”
Scott Ludwig

Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy & Loyalty

“At last, performance analytics on the actual impact the video had on the target audience. You guys rock!"
Amy Kean

Head of Futures


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