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Harnessing Attention to Drive Advertiser Success and Publisher Revenue​


Teads, a mobile ad technology platform, sought to drive creative performance and insights for its strategic customers, unlocking revenue growth and client satisfaction.

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Realeyes established with Teads a creative performance testing platform within the Teads strategic sales team. Media investment thresholds triggered creative performance testing, informing campaign flights with Teads’ creative studio, and surfacing brand intelligence.

10% lift in attention quality led to an average 25% lift in in-market awareness


The Teads-Realeyes partnership scaled to hundreds of brand campaigns. This created performance and insights for Teads clients, and $10 in additional media sales for every $1 invested in Realeyes. The companies revealed that a 10% lift in attention quality led to an average 25% lift in in-market awareness. 

Teads Attention Program

Realeyes Launch Partner in Teads Attention Program

Realeyes join Adelaide and Lumen in working directly with Teads to deliver robust, creative and cross-screen, attention measurement for campaigns.

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Optimizing Attention to Increase Creative Efficiency by 60%

A global challenger food brand sought to improve campaign performance and drive business insights through continuous pre-launch and in-market creative attention testing.