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Build Fast, Accurate and Ethically Sourced Vision AI Data

The highest quality Vision AI training data, specializing in GDPR compliant opt-in face and voice data collection from the most challenging in-the-wild and studio environments.

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Video, depth video, audio, images, multi-modal, task-based or naturalistic, cross-device or device specific, web-based or custom apps

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Facial features, emotions, gender, age, actions, objects, contexts: reliability coef., separate or aggregated results

Global Recordings

Our in-browser or app-based solutions enable data collection across 85 countries, accessing over 200 million people, with no or minimal software required.

• Access 85+ countries
• Up to 100k+ recordings per week
• Optimized for Android & iOS
• iPhone 3D depth data
• Video, audio and survey data

Annotator reviewing footage

Global Annotations

Our network comprises of over 100,000 annotators drawn from a pool of more than 1 million addressable annotators worldwide to ensure a diverse level of expertise, cultural sensitivity and skill sets.

To uphold annotator quality, we employ a combination of proprietary Machine Learning Power and Human-In-The-Loop technology to ensure accuracy and reliability.

• 100,000+ qualified annotators
• Secure sensitive data protocols
• No software required

Online Data Collection

Best suited for:

• Large scale sample
• Diverse or global markets
• ​Long term engagement of participants​
• Self-guided participants


• Short and long-term engagements​
• High quality recordings
• Automated QA validation​
• Samples up to 100k respondents

Semi-Pro Recordings​

Best suited for:

• ​Smaller sample size​
• Diverse or global sample
• Mobile recording locations
• Human guided participants​


• Directed recorded sessions​
• Semi-pro equipment & set-up​
• Sampling up to 100k participants​
• 50 hrs / week per location

High-Quality Studio Recordings​

Best suited for:

• Professional actors
• Multiple actions per actor​
• Hollywood grade studios


• Professionally directed Sessions​
• ProRes, multi-angle, <1ms synchronicity​

• Expert lighting, bespoke studio & hardware​
• Sample up to 5K unique actors
• 50hrs p/w studio time​

Example Projects

Isometric Camera

Online Panel

900M annotated frames
1500 annotators
60k people recorded

25 countries

Collected in: 3 months

Isometric Mobile Phone


136k iPhone selfie-videos

5k people recorded​

30 days recording​
60GB per person

5 countries

Collected in: 4 months

Isometric Movie Camera


1000 professional actors
3 Studios, custom setup
200 TB of data shipped per week
20 behavioural actions per actor

Hollywood, California
Collected in: 4 month

Unlock Lifelike Gaming Experiences
with Real Human Emotion Data

Vision AI is revolutionizing the gaming industry, elevating gaming immersion through lifelike non-player characters (NPCs), creating deeper emotional connections for richer player experiences. 

Realeyes offers a range of solutions for collecting data, including partnering with professional directors, actors and producers for specific nuanced expression and gesture capture.

3D animated characters

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