The Best Audience Attention Measurement Software In The World

Measure human attention and emotion in response to advertising to drive optimal creative performance and media efficiency

Measuring Human Response at the Speed and Scale of AI

The world’s most accurate emotion classification system, enabled by the largest culturally sensitive AI training set.

Improving Media Efficiency Through Creative Attention

See how marketers can harness both creative and in-home TV attention metrics to maximize TV ad efficiency. 

Max Kalehoff + Tristan Webster

The Attention Economy

We live in a world of distraction. Leading advertisers use Realeyes to drive greater ad performance to maximize attention

Outcomes for Ad Effectiveness


Enables your brand to enter consciousness 


Controls attention, memory and behavior


Awareness, consideration, conversions and sales

(Naotsugu Tsuchiya and Christof Koch)

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Drive Audience Attention

We help brands, publishers and agencies to move fast and efficiently, to maximize their ROI on ad attentiveness.

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