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Vision AI to measure attention and facial expressions 

Attention Measurement

We live in the age of distraction and attention is the gatekeeper to an ad’s success. Without audience attention, everything else is secondary. Our patented AI interprets audience behavior the same way a human would do

Facial Coding – SDK

Realeyes SDK is a frictionless way to accurately measure attention and emotional response and report aggregated data at scale. It enables anonymous opted-in audiences to view their devices s that naturally would, from anywhere in the world.

Making Technology More Human

Our mission at Realeyes is to make technology more human, and to bring a trillion more smiles to the world. Realyes uses computer vision and emotion AI to empower advertisers and media platforms, to create better experiences.

CBS - 60 Minutes

Our Scientific Advisor Maja Pantic was interviewed by Charlie Rose on CBS 60 minutes, talking about emotion measurement and artificial intelligence.

BBC - Talking Business

Founder and CEO Mihkel Jäätma was invited to the BBC show, ‘Talking Business’ to discuss and demonstrate how Realeyes uses Artificial Intelligence to decipher how audiences are feeling whilst they watch video.

TEDx - Humanising Data

Mihkel describes how emotion measurement technology enables us to bring in an essential human element to all this data – making those decisions better, and fairer for everyone.

Linking Emotions to Sales

We partnered with Mars, Incorporated and their Marketing Laboratory at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science to investigate what drives video advertising success.

Ad Recommendation Engine - SEWA Project

An EU-funded project, creating an Ad Recommendation Engine which leverages the latest technologies to provide programmatic decisioning  based on audience’s emotional and behavioural profiles.

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