Our patented emotion recognition software, also known as “facial coding”, provides deep insight into unbiased emotional responses to digital content.

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Emotion Metrics

As opted-in viewers view your content online, their webcam measures their facial expressions. The results are aggregated and displayed on the dashboard.

Emotion traces shows the rise and fall of the aggregated
responses, enabling you to see how your audiences felt,
second-by-second. Demographic data can be sliced and diced to
reveal deeper insights such as Audience Targeting or Creative

Emotions drive decisions

With brands creating content at an exponential rate, there’s a risk in not knowing how your customers feel about the content they create. Marketers know that emotions are a major influence in consumer behavior. The Field, IPA and Gunn Report, “Selling Creativity Short”, stated that awarded campaigns (emotional campaigns) were 10X more efficient than non-awarded campaigns.

Emotional content can create powerful memories, drive impact and motivate action – whether that’s to buy, donate or share. Realeyes enables brands to know the if, why, how and when an emotional connection is made with consumers.

Measuring emotion

Every day, people rely on facial expressions to wordlessly communicate how they think and feel to others. This kind of non-verbal communication is a natural part of our behaviour and capturing and analysing people’s facial expressions through their webcams, enables us to measure people’s emotions while they watch video content – without ever needing to see their faces.

By using computer vision and machine learning techniques, we teach computers to recognise people’s facial expressions and associate them with the correct emotion, the same way people do.

Scalable data collection

People view content on their own devices, whenever and wherever – as close as one can get to replicating a standard everyday viewing experience. Unfiltered responses are recorded through their webcams with their consent. With cameras on most devices, audiences can be measured from all over the world. This data is streamed to our cloud servers where they’re securely processed. Low quality recordings are filtered out, facial expressions are analysed, and the results are aggregated and reported on our dashboard in near-real time.

Realeyes provides audience sample as standard and can work with any panel provider.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

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