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AI That Eliminates Identity Fraud for Guaranteed Panel ​Quality

Our AI technology uses lightweight facial verification to fight bots and tackle user fraud dramatically better than CAPTCHA and other solutions. Verify ensures that your data remains untainted by fake engagement, providing you with accurate and quality sample every time.

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Prevents Panel Fraud

AI is used to detect and eliminate fraudulent bot activity, safeguarding the integrity of your audience panel testing.

Detects Incorrect Demographics

Verify adapts to diverse audiences, ensuring your panels reflect real user behavior from every corner of the world.

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Secure & Confidential

Computer vision identifies facial characteristics and behavior without needing or knowing panel respondent's identity.

Intuitive Reporting

See real panel quality reported across several panel providers, segmenting by demographic profile and filtering fraudulent and duplicate participants.

How It Works

Verify is a plug-and-play face verification system that's easily integrated into the market research workflow as a “survey gate” through which all respondents must first pass.

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1. Add identity layer

Add via Redirect Solution or SDK Integration

Facial Coding

2. Real-time testing

Verify checks as a gate in front of surveys or invoke on the fly when monitoring suspicious panelist behaviors

3. Reports quality

Respondents pass through the ID check and onto your preferred destination. We provide real-time quality assignments (Acceptable | Low Quality | Fraud) that you can use for monitoring or for active filtering.

Pilot Program

We've created a program to enable you to see the immediate value that Verify can deliver to your business, whilst improving the panelist user experience.

Survey Demo

Use your device’s camera to snap a quick selfie and Verify compares your biometric data on the fly, detecting whether you’re a genuine and non-repeat user.  

Why Choose Verify?

As used by Kantar Profiles Audience Network

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An Industry Invitation

We believe that data quality is the central pillar of the consumer data ecosystem and surveys. We’re inviting companies to sign a pledge to add their data to an anonymized dashboard, to help creates a true picture of the survey industry’s data quality.

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