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Verify Pilot Program

Designed for market research teams, this program streamlines the evaluation process and criteria for assessing Realeyes Verify as a panel quality solution.

By testing Realeyes’ facial verification solution in your environment, you'll experience its real-world performance tracking panel quality in real-time. You'll be able to see the value delivered to your business, your customers, and the positive impact on panelist UX.

3 Steps to Get Started

We set you up, you review your results.


Create Account

Realeyes team will create an account for you – giving you everything you need


Set Up Redirect

Realeyes will setup a redirect URL and add a script into your survey flow


Review Pilot

Schedule a call with Realeyes to review your test results and coordinate going live.

The pilot assesses quality and fraud detection across a sample of your panel supply, tracking aggregate metrics and detailed metadata for each evaluated panelist session. This data will help you measure the impact of using Realeyes Verify to reduce low quality and fraud in your supply and ultimately make the business case for proactively filtering panel quality before respondents reach surveys.

This program, as illustrated below, shows the high-level flow of the pilot from design, to fielding, to reporting and results – setup in minutes and evaluate the results within hours.

Key Questions Answered: 

  • How much fraud and low quality is in my panel supply?
  • How easy is it to use Realeyes Verify?
  • What is the business impact to be gained from filtering for panel quality up front?
  • What is the impact of this solution on panelist respondents’ UX?
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Target surveys based on parameters where you suspect low quality

Set up Verify as a gate in front of the target surveys
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The pilot includes 10,000 free verification and up to 2 weeks of data collection

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Testing & go-live data near-real time dashboard

Access to an exportable list of all panelist sessions

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Overall Fraud Detection Comparison to Quality Suites

Validation of UX Impact

Program Overview

Test Design 

This is your chance to test your panel supply, whether it is your own panel or 3rd parties’ supply. Select samples from panel sources, geographies, audiences, CPIs or other parameters where you suspect there is low quality and fraud. 

You can also select samples from sources that you think are high quality for comparison. At any time you can test the setup end-to-end, internally or in a soft launch.  


Follow this guide to set up a redirect chain, where Realeyes Verify acts as plug-and-play checkpoint in front of target surveys.  

You can configure one collection to evaluate quality of panelists from a variety of sources, & measure duplicate respondents across panels. 


The pilot includes 10,000 free verifications over 2 weeks - typically enough for customers to evaluate Realeyes Verify.  

 Based on other customers’ POCs we advise that you could drive the pilot off as few as 1-2 surveys up to 15+ surveys, with all panelists captured into the single collection for the evaluation period. 


Testing & go-live data populate a near-real time customer dashboard, and you’ll have access to an exported list of all panelist sessions to compare with your own data for analysis and insights. 


Realeyes Verify has got you covered for regulatory compliance.  We provide a GDPR- and CCPA-compliant consent form and privacy policy out-of-the-box. 

We offer POCs in our US and EU data centers. Our EU data center meets the requirements of most countries with strict data processing regulations. 

Success Criteria

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Measuring Impact on Panelist UX

These measurements gauge the impact of Realeyes Verify on your panelist users and the technical performance of the system itself.

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