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Embed Vision AI with Just a Few Lines of Code​

Optimize Digital Experiences Through Passive User Feedback

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Enhance your product with human intelligence


Enrich user metrics with multi-source data

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Power user experiences with rich analytics

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Deliver Real-time Experiences Based on Human Mood & Behaviour Using GenerativeAI

Privacy First

On-device processing – no images leave the device

100% explicit user opt-in for camera access

100% GDPR and CCPA compliant

System Requirements

Any CPU 2018+

At least 1 GB RAM

Camera resolution 640×480

Use Cases

Person using a pen tp point at data on a screen


Advertisers use attention and emotion metrics to optimize ROAS

Person being identified for user fraud


"Better CAPTCHA" - lightweight facial verification to fight bots and tackle user fraud

Person speaking to a medical professional online


Therapists can predict changes in mental wellbeing by analyzing facial reactions trends

Teacher viewing his class online


Online presenters assess audience feedback in real-time or over time to optimize learning programs

Chat bot waves to person typing on their laptop


Conversational AI responds in real-time to user facial expressions

Man enjoying playing on a games console


Game developers can predict potential churn and LTV with real-time facial reaction feedback

XP Demo App


Windows 10 Plugin for Zoom App

Vision AI data collection measurement with real-time reporting of audience emotional engagement during Zoom calls.

Businesses Powered by Realeyes XP


Creative testing service built for the attention economy

PreView ad performance testing platform is built on the most advanced attention measurement technology to drive greater advertising effectiveness.


An app to improve digital wellbeing

Be mindful of which apps you pay attention to, and whether you respond positively or negatively to them.

MindJourney - Mood Tracker App


EmotionAI & gamified mood tracking for wellbeing

The app uses Vision AI to boost user retention, powering game-like rewards and mindful activities through enhanced emotional self-awareness.​


Destination U - a world first in travel retail

A ground breaking prototype that reveals how customers could use their subconscious to choose their next vacation.


A product experience experiment using identical twins

Analysing the difference in emotion and attention of identical twins simultaneously watching the same content on two different products.

Emotion Mirror used at Cannes Lions Festival

Cannes Lions

#EmotionMirror - an accurate reflection of human emotion

This mirror was created for Cannes Lions Festival, presenting both facial coding and reflection within mirror - a perfect opportunity for selfies.

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