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TUI's 'Destination U' – Vacation Choices Powered by Emotion AI

Realeyes creates a world first in travel retail

Choosing Vacation by Emotion

Realeyes and TUI UK have unveiled a ground breaking new prototype that reveals how customers could be using their subconscious to choose holidays in just a few years’ time.

The futuristic ‘Destination U’ prototype is a first of its kind, innovative way for holidaymakers to choose a trip that matches their emotional needs. It uses facial coding and emotion measurement technology to trigger imaginations and tap into the subconscious. A unique algorithm computes every subtle facial response to a rapid series of evocative moving images of destinations and experiences, and uses that data to calculate a ‘perfect holiday’ prescription.

An Intuitive Response

Realeyes CEO Mihkel Jäätma explains: “90% of human decision-making is done without us actively thinking about it – subconsciously. Traditionally, brands have sought to understand consumers’ responses through verbal or written feedback – asking them a serious of tedious questions. But emotion measurement technology captures and delivers unfiltered emotional responses in real-time, delving much deeper and detecting nonconscious signals to stimuli. People aren’t considering their responses, they are organically reacting, giving a far more intuitive and raw response.

A Pioneering Prototype

Jaatma goes on to explain: “The Destination U Prototype is bringing this emotional intelligence into a new space and it takes the application of facial coding a leap forward. The algorithm is not merely tracking expressions to catalogue responses, it is facilitating an emotional journey driven by the subjects’ exclusive reactions. With the consumer market moving towards ever greater personalisation and appreciation of emotions and humanness in decision making, this concept is really pioneering that change”.

“The Destination U Prototype is bringing this emotional intelligence into a new space”

“This prototype, takes customer understanding to a new help our customers discover their perfect, personalised holiday experience.”

TUI UK and Ireland MD, Nick Longman commented: “This prototype, which is now well into testing, takes customer understanding to a new level, tapping right into the psyche to help our customers discover their perfect, personalised holiday experience.”

Nominated as one of Campaign Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Innovations for 2017’, the Destination U prototype enables holidaymakers to intuitively unlock different travel possibilities and think about options they may not have considered before. Nick continues: “As TUI we will offer more customer choice than ever and we want to shape the future of travel using innovations like this, and our considerable expertise and knowledge, to design perfectly personalised experiences and a new way to holiday.”

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