Emotion Booth App

Download this fun app created that demonstrates how attention and emotion recognition technology works. No data is stored – it works on the fly. 


(DMG 50MB)
Requires webcam
Mac OS 10.9 or later
Graphics Card


(MSI 50MB)
Requires webcam
Windows 7.0 or higher
Graphics Card



Double-click the .dmg or .msi to open up the EmotionBooth.app. If you’re a Mac user, drag the app icon in to your Applications folder and click to open or right click and select ‘Open’. You may need to open up Security & Privacy in System Preferences to ‘Allow apps downloaded from: ‘identified developers’.

Power up!

If you’re using a laptop and the battery is low, we recommend connecting the charger as even on high-spec machines, the power saving function can affect the app’s performance.

Emotion recognition

Look at your screen as if seeing your reflection in a mirror, a wireframe of your face will appear. The wireframe is created from tracking your facial features.


The app has been created to demonstrate the principle of facial coding. For best results, ensure your face is uniformly lit. Avoid using lamps with strong directional light. Shadows cast on the face can affect the performance. Backlights can create a silhouette effect – making the face difficult to read.