How It Works

Using computer vision and machine learning, we measure how people feel and their attentiveness as they view your content online through their camera’s device

Instant insight

Our pioneering tech delivers quality reporting that meets
the pace and needs of today’s leading marketeers


Drag, Drop, Done.

Upload your own or competitor images, GIFs or videos at any stage of its
life-cycle. We source a sample audience between 150 to 300 viewers based on your objectives.


Real Responses

We can measure the attention, emotions and sentiment of your sample audience as they watch your content on their own device at home.


Real Results. Fast!

Your results are delivered within hours to inform your campaign strategy at speed by seeing how audiences responded to your creative.


Self Service
The fastest way to measure, predict and increase digital creative effectiveness

20 videos / $25k

50 videos / $42.5​k

  • AI-powered measurement of emotion and attention
  • Dedicated AI experts to prescribe action
  • Results in 3 hours


Managed Service
We analyse your results and identify the insights that will be most valuable to your campaign.

1 video / $4k

  • AI-powered measurement of emotion and attention
  • Custom surveys and responder targeting
  • Presentation-ready reports


Integrate emotionAI
Plug in to enable your apps,digital experiences and reports torecognise and report emotion.

Custom pricing

  • AI-powered measurement of emotion and attention
  • Technical set-up support

Drive Audience Attention

We help brands, publishers and agencies to move fast and efficiently, to maximize their ROI on ad attentiveness