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Predicting Creative Attention to Improve Election Advertising Outcomes


Hawkfish, a political data and advertising firm founded by Michael Bloomberg, required a more precise video testing to achieve better campaign outcomes. 

Traditional dial-metering methodologies were costly, prohibitively slow, didn’t scale and lacked fidelity. In-person dialing also was impractical in a pandemic. 


In a high-stakes senate runoff election, Hawkfish turned to Realeyes PreView to test efficacy of ad concepts and identify the best video creatives before putting media dollars to work. Poor performers were sent back to creative shops with diagnostics to edit and achieve better predicted outcomes.  

edits led to an 18% increase in video completion rates


PreView helped identify creative edits, typically stemming from misplaced moments of attention and emotion. The edits led to an 18% increase in video completion rates and a nearly 3% lift in the intent to vote. The Hawkfishbacked senate candidate won the runoff election. 

3% lift in intent to vote

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