Realeyes is the world’s leading platform for measuring how people feel as they view video content.

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We work together with many Fortune 500 brands, along with some of the world’s finest agencies and publishers

"Realeyes provides AOL with a great technology that helps us measure the emotional response to branded video. Pairing it with our experience in syndication, Realeyes helps us deliver the highest possible ROI back to clients instantly." Mark Melling
Director of Video
AOL International
"At last, performance analytics on the actual impact the video had on the target audience. The project ran ultra-smoothly under a tight weekend deadline and we/our client were impressed with easy-to-understand deliverables. You guys rock!" Amy Kean
Head of Futures
Havas Media
"Realeyes is the best of the facial coding providers because of their deep experience, user friendly interface, global perspective on cultural differences and relevant norms, R&D bench strength and innovative spirit."Elissa Moses
EVP, Neuroscience and Emotion