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Capture the opinions of your key audiences using our

brand surveys

Add an extra layer of data to your test

By surveying your customers about your brand’s content, you’ll gain an extra layer of insight into very specific areas of knowledge that can’t be quantified by facial coding technology.

While facial coding measures the subconscious responses to your content, surveys encourage conscious decision making – both methodologies complement each other perfectly to create a complete picture of how your audience feels.

Seamless Integration

Survey questions can be prompted both before and after your audience views your content, making data collection a frictionless experience.

Scale your Reach

Available across 72 different countries around the globe;

Benchmark Performance

Compare against previous campaigns, competitors, or the rest of the industry;

Custom Questions

Ask any question you want to any audience you want around the world;

Quick Results

Most results are reported back within 24 hours depending on the audience sample.

Standard Survey

Evaluate the impact of your campaign by asking your target audiences the same question before and after exposure to the creative. Demographic data such as age & gender comes as standard.

Metrics include:

  • Brand Usage
  • Brand Favorability (Pre & Post)
  • Purchase Intent (Pre & Post)
  • Video Likeability
  • Brand Recognition
  • Brand Loyalty

Custom Survey

When you want to find out something specific about your campaign or brand, then you can customise your survey questions and reach out to any audience you want around the world.

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