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Heineken “Dropped”

Wieden+Kennedy were commissioned to create a series of viral videos to heighten awareness of the Heineken brand.

Filmed across four continents they created a series of episodic adventures, which followed intrepid explorers taken from their daily lives and “dropped” somewhere into the great unknown on a legendary travel experience. They used real-life candidates, in a multitude of challenges in adventurous environments—tough terrain, curious locals and unusual modes of transport.

The Brief

In its full form, this episodic content was over 2 minutes long, with their trailers cut down to 30 seconds. Heineken’s media partner AOL, wanted to know which of these episodes resonated most with the target audience to help guide a more efficient media spend.

Our Approach

This rich campaign resulted in testing 11 episodes, collecting the emotional feedback from over 4.200 viewers across 3 key target markets: Spain, US and Australia within a week.

Emotional Analysis

Our results revealed that the bite-sized trailers lost their emotional punch. The narrative at the core of the “Dropped” concept was far more engaging within the episodic content. 

Longer episodes were 90% more engaging than the shorter trailers

  • Morocco Trailer
    EmotionAll® score

  • Morocco Episode

Actionable Insight

AOL immediately used this insight to reduce the media spend on trailers and invest in promoting the episodes instead. The effect was instant with higher ROI as longer content drove 2x click-throughs, 3x social actions and 6x content action than the trailer material.

The difference between good and exceptional resulted in 12x more social actions

  • Episode
    EmotionAll® score

  • Episode
    EmotionAll® score

AOL used the EmotionAll® score, (based on engagement, attention, retention and impact) as a response guide to maximise results. 

For example, one achieved the exeptional EmotionAll® score of 9 and was allocated more ditribution resource than the slightly weaker episode which scored a good 7.

 Lower PerformanceHigh Performance
EmotionAll® score 7 9
Avg view to end x1 x3
Social actions (per 1000 views) x1 x12

The episodes were watched in 208 countries and racked up over 35 million views.


Realeyes provided AOL with actionable and predictive insight into how content affected Heineken’s overall campaign results. By revealing that the longer episodic content had much higher engagement at the launch of the campaign, AOL was able to make real–time distribution decisions, maximising campaign KPIs including view-through rates and social actions.


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