Informing media buying decisions based on
audience emotional responses

The Brief

LG commissioned Dutch creative agency SuperHeroes to build on the success of its IPS monitors video hit, ‘So Real It’s Scary’, with a sequel campaign called ‘Stage Fright’.

SuperHeroes set up the IPS monitors over the urinals in a men’s toilet, in a bid to find out whether the screens were sufficiently lifelike to cause ‘stage fright’. They filmed the men’s reactions as models suddenly appeared, acting flirtatious and seemingly staring straight at them as they went about their business.

LG’s media partner Verizon commissioned Realeyes to test ‘Stage Fright’ to ensure that it resonated with their younger demographic across the US and UK. Given that the creative concept was potentially controversial, it was important to know that it would be positively received before the campaign was launched. In under 48 hours, we tested the video on 600 people (300 in UK and 300 in the US), to see if there were any geographical differences in emotional response.

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The Result

The emotional traces showed that audiences were a little confused at first with the set-up of the story but then once that was understood, there was a significant peak in happiness that was sustained as the prank played out.

The video performed extremely well with young audiences in particular and equally strong across both the US and UK, being in the top 5% of all videos in the database at the time of testing justified spend on a range of Verizon’s premium distribution options and influencers.

By targeting young audiences and publishers with high play-to-end ratios, Verizon maximised consumer engagement with no increase in media spend, ultimately driving over 1 million views and 105,000 social actions within the first 48 hours of launching. The YouTube view counter soon accelerated to gain over 5.8m views with a 14% brand lift – more than 3x the industry average.

1 million views and 105,000 social actions within the first 48 hours of launching

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Brand Lift

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