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LG Assessing Creative Connects with Target Audience to Inform Media Buying

The Brief

LG partnered with creative agency SuperHeroes for a sequel campaign, ‘Stage Fright,’ following the success of their previous campaign, ‘So Real It’s Scary’ – using LG’s hi-resolution screens to create ‘candid camera’ style pranks.

‘Stage Fright’ was somewhat controversial given that the screens created the illusion that women were watching men using public urinals, intended to evoke a significant emotional response from audiences.

LG’s media partner Verizon used Realeyes to analyze the responses of 600 viewers (300 US and 300 UK) to assess the ads effectiveness, whether it was positively received and if there were differences between US and UK markets prior to any media planning decisions.

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The Result

The video had a positive impact on both US and UK audiences, particularly among younger viewers. Emotion AI analysis revealed that although there was initial confusion, there was a significant peak in happiness as the video played out.

At the time of testing, it ranked in the top 5% of all videos tested, suggesting that it had the desired effect on the audiences it aimed to reach which justified in Verizon utilising their premium distribution options, including social influencers.

Verizon reported high play-to-end ratios, ultimately driving over 1 million views and 105,000 social actions within the first 48 hours of launching. The YouTube view counter soon accelerated to gain over 5.8m views with a 14% brand lift – more than 3x the industry average.

1 million views and 105,000 social actions within the first 48 hours of launching

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