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Measuring Human Response at the Speed and Scale of AI

Realeyes’ Vision AI revolutionizes how companies make better business decisions for enterprise brands, global media companies and leading tech platforms looking to either increase their advertising effectiveness, scale digital identity solutions or humanize their customer experience.

User Verification

AI That Eliminates Identity Fraud for Assured Panel Quality

Lightweight facial verification to fight bots and tackle user fraud,  ensuring that your sample data remains untainted by fake user engagement. 

Creative Performance

Creative Intelligence for the Attention Economy

Analyzing responses to creative across social and video platforms enabling advertisers to understand how their creative impacts audiences and achieves business outcomes.

Experience Platform

Embed Realeyes Vision AI with just a few lines of code

Optimize digital experiences through passive user feedback. Use cases include identity verification for panel providers, device use wellbeing, gaming engagement and beyond.

Vision AI Data

Build Fast, Accurate and Ethically Sourced Vision AI Data 

The highest quality Vision AI training data, specializing in GDPR compliant opt-in face and voice data collection from the most challenging in-the-wild and studio environments. 

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Measure Human Response at the Speed and Scale of AI