Maximise Your Marketing Using AI

Marketers - know whether your videos will fly or flop using the speed and scale of AI. We’ve taught computers to read emotions and measure attention using webcams, enabling marketers to transform the impact of their content. We also use AI to analyse the word-for-word sentiment of viewers’ custom survey responses, giving brands an additional layer of data to optimise their marketing campaigns. Our tech is 75% accurate at predicting sales uplifts.


Use AI to Track Audience Attention at Scale


How It Works

People share access to their webcams; using facial coding we’re able to measure both their attention level and how they feel – results are delivered in near real-time.


Real-time Results

The increasing proliferation of video content across a multitude of platforms, at speed, demands better, faster, and more cost-efficient measurement tools – get results starting from 24 hours.


Real World Outcomes

Very few tools are proven to correlate with consumer behavior. We’re consistently validating our technology against real world outcomes, and developing new metrics to add value to your marketing toolbox.


Christmas Ads Unwrapped

After using our AI to measure Attention, Emotion and Sentiment, unwrap the key findings behind this year's Christmas ads.

Christmas Study

The Emotional Impact of Branded Storytelling

Turner Ignite partnered with Realeyes to better understand and quantify the impact of branded content videos on emotional engagement, brand favorability and purchase intent.

Branded Content

Big Viewing on the Small Screen

Mobile is becoming the device of choice for viewing online video. Our study uncovers several key findings - essential insight for any marketer that’s creating or distributing content for mobile.


The Effectiveness of 6-second Ads

Attention spans are diminishing and short-form content is growing. The six-second ad is the result of a consumer preference for more proportionate advertising. The constraints of a meagre six seconds presents something of an interesting challenge for brands. Discover how to pack an emotional punch and make every second count.


Prepare for Sales Lift

Our collaborative research with Mars, Incorporated reveals that our technology can successfully identify commercials with high sales lift or zero to low sales lift with 75% accuracy.

Sales Validation Study

Super Bowl LII

We measured the emotional response to every Super Bowl ad whilst it was aired during the game, see how well the ads played out in the field.   

Super Bowl LII

Luxury Video Study

Collaborative research from The Luxury Institute and Realeyes reveals several essential factors to successful luxury advertising. 

Luxury Study

TUI - Destination U

Realeyes and TUI UK have unveiled a ground breaking new prototype that reveals how customers could be using their subconscious to choose their holiday destination in just a few years' time.